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Biafra Nations League Thumbs Up Militant Groups In Bakassi Peninsula


Biafra Nations League (BnL), has hailed the activities of Dragon Fighter Marine and the Black Marine for the defense of the Eastern end of the Gulf of Guinea in Bakassi Peninsula.

The National Leader and pioneer founder of BnL, Princewill Chimezie Richards in a press statement made available to Pillar Today in Calabar on Monday Cross River State, said it has been his prayers that strong forces will rise to chase external forces away from the Bakassi Peninsula, the operational base of the BnL.

Though he did not claim responsibility for the activities of the militant groups who has openly aligned itself with BnL, but he warned that “the Biafrans will continue to push for independence at the Peninsula by every means possible”.

BnL upheld the decision of the group Operational coordinator, Henry Edet banning international trade and drilling of oil at sea, warning foreigners to stay away from business activities until further notice.

Recall that just few days ago, the  Biafra Nations League (BnL),  a group agitating for the independence of Biafra, freedom of Biafran leaders like Nnamdi Kanu and for Cameroon to vacate Bakassi Peninsula, through it’s Operational Coordinator, Henry Edet, banned international business activities in the Gulf of Guinea, threatening to block the Idabato high sea unless foreigners including oil companies reach an agreement with the Biafran separatists.


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