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RRDC Raises Alarm On Impending Ecological  Crisis In Okuni, Cross River Forest Community 


The Rainforest Resource and Development Center (RRDC) has raised the alarm on the impending Ecological  crisis in Okuni, Cross River Forest Community 

Accordingly RRDC, a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with Prince Odey Oyama as the Executive Director, urgently calling on the the attention of government authorities at all levels to intervene in the imminent ecological crisis unfolding in Olulumo Effi – Okuni Pristine Rainforest.

The pristine rainforest, which has long served as a sanctuary for biodiversity and a source of livelihood for local communities, is currently under severe threat from unidentified Chinese nationals in collaboration with local accomplices.

The exploitation of the Effi Pristine Rainforest by these  entities according to him is resulting in wanton destruction, indiscriminate deforestation, and irreversible damage to the delicate ecosystem. Immediate action is imperative to prevent further devastation.

“RRDC condemns the complicity of community elites and the silence surrounding this ecological plunder. We urge community leaders to break their silence and join efforts to protect our shared heritage” , he said.

He said efforts to uncover the truth behind these nefarious activities have been met with resistance and secrecy, highlighting the urgent need for government intervention.

Hence, “we call upon the Local Government, the Cross River State Government, and the Federal Government of Nigeria to invoke the necessary measures to halt the destruction of Effi Pristine Rainforest and hold perpetrators accountable.

“RRDC urges the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act to unveil the agreement enabling these destructive operations, ensuring transparency and accountability”.

The environmentalist stated that ” it is imperative that immediate action is taken to restore and preserve the Effi Pristine Rainforest for future generations, reaffirming our commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development”.

He said RRDC remains steadfast in its mission to protect and preserve our natural heritage. We implore government authorities to act swiftly to avert this ecological crisis and safeguard the Effi Pristine Rainforest for the benefit of present and future generations.


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