Home News Efik Women Protest Incarceration of 80 years Old Monarch in Afokang Prison 

Efik Women Protest Incarceration of 80 years Old Monarch in Afokang Prison 


… Appeal to Palace of Obong of Calabar for Intervention

Efik women, under the aegis of Mbono Iban Nsidung, have protested the incarceration of 80 years old Etubom Efio-Ita Efiom, who is said to have been sentenced to three years imprisonment without an option of fine.

The protesting women, who stormed the Palace of the Obong of Calabar over the matter, carried placards with inscriptions such as “Release Obong Obio Nsidung, Others,” “Let Peace Reign in Nsidung,” “Women of Nsidung Need Our Obong Obio Back,” amongst others.

Addressing Journalists, leader of the group, Obonganwan Nsidung, Barbara Etim James, said they were at the Palace to solicit the throne’s intervention over the incarceration of Etubom Efio-Ita  as he had already spent a week in Afokang prison.

“The people here are women of Henshaw Town or Nsidung. As you can see, they are adorning black attire which is a symbol of mourning because evil has taken over our land and the people can no longer sleep with their two eyes closed.

“We are here to express our deep sadness and anger at what transpired last week. Our Etubom Obio, that is, the Traditional Head of Nsidung, was arrested, taken to court, convicted and imprisoned for three years without an option of a fine in a land matters case. 

“The incarcerated man is the Etubom or Traditional Head of the Efiom Ewa Nsa Royal family in Henshaw Town/Nsidung. He is an eminent traditional leader in our community. We are talking about elderly[J1] , peaceful, frail man who should not be subjected to such torture.

“It is such a man that is now being incarcerated over land. This is an injustice of the highest degree. We the people of Nsidung want his incarceration reversed and we are here appealing to Etubom Traditional Council to intervene. The incarceration of Etubom Efio-Ita is an abomination and we pray nothing evil should befall him in that dungeon,” she stated.

Addressing the traditional Council, Obonganwan James said “if a man of such calibre could be treated with such level of disdain, ordinary Nsidung residents are afraid of their lives. We are crying out for the intervention of the Palace.”

A mild drama however played out when some of the protesting women openly betrayed emotion uncontrollably, demanding the release of the jailed Etubom.

Responding, the Chairman of the Council, HRH Etubom Bassey Duke, commended the women for their display of love and concern for their leader.

“The truth is that, until this hour that you have come, the Palace was not aware of whatever transpired which led to the incarceration of Etubom Efio-Ita. In the world today, people who claim to be powerful make attempt to deprive others of their right, and make caricature of the peaceful ones in the society.

“But God will not allow the enemy to triumph over the righteous. We will stand by you to ensure this injustice is redressed. Such anomaly has never happened in Efik kingdom. What the incarceration of Etubom Efio-Ita means is that Nsidung, as a community, is under trial but God will have his way at the end of the day,” he stated.



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