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Tinubu and His Verbal Effluvia: A Taboo in Ibom Firmament


By Chris AbasiEyo, Uyo

Ceteris paribus, everything being equal, and barring all intrinsic and remote factors, the major elicitor or the immediate cause of the myriads of wars which have attended the path of man, is ‘Pride’ which is often watered and fertilised by allusion to racial, national, tribal or personal feeling of superiority over the other.

And, when these habits are in the extreme, sanity becomes a jetsam with arrogance as a flotsam. Incidentally, this has become Tinubu’s kismet in a season when political power seekers, dramatize sobriety. What a calamity! No thanks to psychosis and its likes.

One who goes to the marketplace with a basketful of reproaches, seeks reprobation. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, got exactly that penultimate Monday. Arrogance does not work barefoot in Ibomland, if it does, it gets its feet burnt (Isong Akwa Ibom, anam idiôk mkpô isangake, edieke asanga, ikang eyeta anye ikpat iba). Victims of this opprobrious act, are in and around Tinubu, he may wish to hear from the horses’ mouths.

For bearing his fangs to vent vituperations on our soil against a man who gave him access to use our prestigious public square, BAT will get the same comeuppance as reserved for those who take pride in biting the fingers that feed them.

For those who want to be governor, who were clapping when BAT emitted this effluvium against a sitting governor, good luck to you, but be reminded that, your campaigns’ selling point, ‘Ibom or Ibaka deep seaport’ will not sea the light of the day with a Tinubu as President of Nigeria. Be tenty.

It is morally repugnant and ethically abhorrent to see excitement with which this insult has received on the virtual world by a pocket of naysayers. To exhibit such perfidy over our bruised common patrimony on grounds of partisanship, frightens me as it paints a picture of a fractured future. With this, I can guess rightly, those who are readily available to go to the market square to celebrate insults by strangers on their parents, just because they are branded witches and wizards. In the world I was born into, it was a shame to allow people, no matter how towering, insult your parents, and go without being smeared with dirt, at least.

Come to talk to of it, EXXON MOBIL produces all of its hydrocarbons wholly on Akwa Ibom soil. Tinubu worked here upon his escape from prosecution over druggery case in America. Akwa Ibom people didn’t ask for his head. Lagos was made a home for all Nigerians, including BAT who originally migrated from Osun.

In our culture, people suffering from insanity are usually horse-whipped into normalcy. Therefore, BAT should not extend the virus from his failing mental health to our hallowed land, where Lord Lugard singed the Amalgamation treaty on 1st January, 1914. After all, even in a state of dementia, there are lucid moments where the insane, snorkels in the lucid sea. And, as our people are wont to say, you cannot sit under a dalziel tree to crack its nuts, without getting scathed. Enough is enough, Mr. Arrogance Bola Tinubu.

Crown Prince Chris AbasiEyo

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State


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