Home News Biafra Separatist Orders Removal Of All Foreign Flags In Bakassi Peninsula

Biafra Separatist Orders Removal Of All Foreign Flags In Bakassi Peninsula


The Biafra  Biafra Nations League (BnL), has threatened to take down all foreign flags from Bakassi Peninsula this January.

Leader of the BnL, Princewill Chimezie Richards, gave the order in a statement made available to some newsmen on January 7, saying his men should take down Cameroonian flags from Bakassi Peninsula insisting that BnL will not tolerate foreign flags flying along with the Biafran flags in the territory.

Richards also declared total shutdown of the Peninsula from this week as he ordered Biafran rebels in the region to disarm government forces he described as “foreign armed groups” and hold government officials hostage.

He declared the Peninsula “a no go area for oil firms and government officials visiting the region”.

Unconfirmed reports said Cameroon is already suffering from the destruction of two major oil installations by militant groups loyal to the BnL as fuel scarcity and prices have gone up.

It was further gathered that the Cameroonian government failure to resolve crisis in Bakassi have sparked series of violent protests in Duala and Yaounde following high increase in prices fuel and other goods.

Fears are rife that if something urgent is not done by the Cameroon government, more attacks by the Biafran separatist groups could collapse the economy of the country.

Recall that the Black Marine and the Dragon Fighter Marine, said to be loyal to the BnL, have been involved in series of attacks against the Cameroon forces. 

BnL had on January 2, warned foreign contractors employed by Cameroonian government to repair damaged oil installations at the maritime border area of Bakassi Peninsula to back off within one week or face sanctions.


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