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Six killed As Explosion Rocks Bakassi Peninsula


A militant group, Dragon Fighter Marine has killed six Cameroon Gendarmes following two bomb explosion at the entrance of Cameroon Gendarmes base at Isangele in Bakassi Peninsula.

The attack which occured at about 2pm on October 6, according to sources close to Pillar Today, forced four of the Gendarmes to surrender and they were disarmed in Isangele subdivision of Bakassi Peninsula, a ceded part formally under Nigeria but now controlled by Cameroonian Forces.

The sources said that the Dragon Fighter Marine drove with bikes and dropped two explosives on passing the entrance killing six Gendarmes while four others were forced to surrender at gunpoint.

However, the militants escaped unhurt before a reinforcement from the Cameroon Rapid d’intervention Battalions (BIR), arrived the scene.

Few days ago, the  Biafra Nations League (BnL),  a group agitating for the independence of Biafra, freedom of Biafran leaders like Nnamdi Kanu and for Cameroon to vacate Bakassi Peninsula, through it’s Operational Coordinator, Henry Edet, banned international business activities in the Gulf of Guinea, threatening to block the Idabato high sea unless foreigners including oil companies reach an agreement with the Biafran separatists.

Edet who has since been declared wanted by the Cameroon BIR, asked Nigeria and Cameroonian Forces to leave Bakassi, noting that it would not tolerate the presence of foreign armed forces in the territory.

Commenting on the attack, the Leader of the BnL, Princewill Richards in a brief chat with Pillar Today said, “it serves them right. We have told them that our people will rise against them for failing to heed to our instructions to leave our territory”. 

When asked if more attacks should be expected in the Bakassi Peninsula, he said “yes, from the gallant men over there… they are the owners of the land”.

Recall that on September 22, a suspected Biafra militant suicide bomber was said to have walked to a checkpoint in Abana and exploded bomb that killed  seven and for over three weeks now, reoccurring attacks have caused panic in the area.


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