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Same Sex Marriage Is Demonic, Sign Of End Times, Olumba Olumba Obu 


Leader Olumba Olumba Obu

Leader and Sole Spiritual Head of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS), Olumba Olumba Obu has condemned the practice of same sex marriage by some churches and governments, saying it’s a clear indication of end times. 

In a special goodwill message on Monday, December 25 to the entire world to mark the 2023 Christmas celebration, Obu said, “what is happening today, where people go into all sorts of unimaginable relationships and so called marriages, with the full support of religious institutions and governments, are the manifestations of the end times as prophesied and recorded in 2 Timothy 3: 1-9”.

He said, “today, as we celebrate and remember the birth of Christ, I wish to remind humanity especially Christians that same sex marriage is not the teaching of Christ and should not be accepted in the House of God.  

“Anyone who does contrary to what Christ taught is fulfilling the doctrine of the devil and is not of Christ. God with His Christ has come to return mankind and creation back to the state of righteousness, holiness and purity. Therefore, Christians should reject the introduction of alien teachings and practices that opposes God’s will for mankind”.

He stated, “as Christians all over the world celebrate Christ, His undiluted teachings should be registered in the minds of His faithfuls. The churches in the world should know that Our Lord Jesus Christ came to fulfil the laws and the prophets and reaffirm the sanctity of marriage to be a union between one man and one woman who shall both become one flesh”.

Obu who is the Head of Administration of the BCS, World Wide preached peace to the world saying, “as the love of Christ for man is remembered today all over the world, I release peace to the Middle East, I release Peace to Asia, I release Peace to North and South America, I release Peace to Europe, I release Peace to Africa, I release Peace to the entire Universe”. 

He decreed, “let all weapons of destruction be fashioned into ploughshare and any leader whose agenda does not conform to this peace will be divinely removed for all. ALL things not planted by My Father shall be uprooted in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Let the eternal Peace brought by our Lord Jesus Christ reign eternally on earth and let the children of God all over the world flourish in prosperity and in good health for it was for this reason that Christ was born in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ”.

Obu who is highly revered by millions of his followers as the “King of Kings and the Lord of Lords”, said, “let the Peace, Joy and love that came with the birth of Christ flow like a river into the hearts of men. Let the perfect Love that emanates from within the heart of the Father of all Creations illuminate the minds of men as the entire world commemorate the birth of, He, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  

“I praise the Name of the Lord God Almighty by who’s divine will the birth of Christ was made possible. Therefore, on this day, as the entire world remember the love of Christ on whose shoulder man rode to salvation, I offer endless thanks and praises to the God of Heaven and earth who today has chosen to make His abode on earth in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

“Mankind should know that hatred among people of races, nations, religious organizations and the battle for supremacy by one Christian creed over the other are clearly in contrast with the reasons for the birth of Christ. The birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ ushered in the Light of God into the world.

“Today, Light was born that the world may no longer dwell in darkness, the word of God became flesh today that salvation may reach mankind. Love was born today that hatred may vanish on earth”.

He said “charity manifested on Christmas that we, while eating may remember to offer a cup of cold water unto those who are thirsty. These and many other acts of kindness are the reasons for today. 

“It is therefore time for man to have a rethink on the essence of Christmas and the lessons derivable from the celebrations. It is saddened to notice that, at a time like this, instead of exhibiting the attributes of kindness, thankfulness and love which Christ represents, man rather ceases this yuletide to perpetrate evil and offer praises to satan. 

“I urge humanity to remember His birth with humility and exhibit Christ like life style for there-in lies the solution to the problems of the world. The celebration of His birth should reflect the ideals which Christ stands for. December 25 calls for more commitment to genuine love from humankind to their fellow creatures. This is because Love was personified on this day. 

“Christians all over the world should know that the humility of His birth is a pointer to the futility of worldly possessions. While the rich and the leaders of public spheres benefit from the common gifts of the lands, they should remember the poor, the feeble, the wretched and the down trodden. 

“As Christians bask in the euphoria of Christmas with all the fanfare one can think of. They should remember and extend their hand of fellowship to the needy for anything short of this will defy the essence of today”.


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