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Spotlight On The 12th Annual Utomo-Obong Yuletide Homage


BY Ita Williams, Calabar

In a grand display of cultural heritage and celebration, the 12th Annual Utomo-Obong Yuletide Homage to the Efik King, Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi Otu V, took place over the weekend.

The event, held at the country home of the Obong, Adiabo Ikot Otu, Odukpani Local Government Area of Cross River State brought together notable personalities, local leaders, and members of the community to pay homage to the revered Obong.

The occasion was marked by speeches from the Obong and Governor Otu, reiterating their commitment to peace and economic development.

The Utomo-Obong Yuletide Homage is an age-old tradition that celebrates the rich cultural identity of the Efik people.

This event has become a significant platform for dialogue between the traditional rulers and the political leaders, fostering unity and cooperation in the state.

Obong, the Treaty King of the Efik Kingdom, delivered a heartfelt speech emphasizing the importance of peace and unity among the people.

Obong called for an end to hate and division among the Efik people, urging them to embrace love and harmony during the festive season and beyond. The Obong highlighted the need for all parties to work together to build a prosperous future for the state.

The host Governor of the state, His Excellency Sen. Bassey Edet Otu, who was present at the event in his address to the gathering, commended the efforts of the Efik people in fostering a peaceful and inclusive society.

Governor Otu promised the royal fathers to continue building an enviable state with equitable transformation that will spread across the entire state.

He acknowledged the contributions of the traditional institution in ensuring stability and progress in the state.

Governor Otu assured the people of his unwavering commitment to the development of the entire state.

Under Governor Otu’s leadership, the state has witnessed significant progress in various sectors of the state economy.

The Utomo-Obong Yuletide Homage concluded with a colorful display of Efik cultural performances, showcasing the traditional dances and rhythms of the Efik Kingdom.

The event served as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of the Efik people and the importance of preserving and promoting their traditions.

As the 12th Annual Utomo-Obong Yuletide Homage to the Efik King came to a close, it left the attendees feeling inspired and hopeful for the future.

The speeches by the Obong and Governor Otu demonstrated a shared vision for peace, unity, and economic progress.

The event served as a reminder that by working together, the people and leaders of the state can achieve remarkable things and bring about lasting positive change.

Despite the current leadership challenges that rocked the Obongship, the current Utomo-Obong recorded the highest turn-out of yuletide visits since Obong began his reign 15 years ago.

The highlight of the event was the traditional display and presentation of various gift items by the 12 Ancestral Clans that make up the Efik Kingdom, groups, and government dignitaries who came to pay homage to the natural ruler.


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