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Nigeria Shall Not See War Again – Olumba Obu Declares


By Magnus Effiong

The Spiritual Head of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS), His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, has declared that despite various challenges facing Nigeria as a country, it shall no more see war.

Leader Obu, who said this in Calabar, Sunday, in a message to mark the country’s 63rd Independence anniversary celebration, said God has chosen to keep the country as one.

“If not for the fact that the Holy Spirit is living physically in Nigeria, this nation would have crumbled by now. As I congratulate Nigerians on her 63rd independence, the good news I have for you is that, Nigeria shall not see war.

“She will rise again to reclaim her lost Glory. This country was designed by God to be the world Power and so, it ultimately will be.

“All the wealth that has been stolen from this country shall be brought back. The leaders and citizens of this country must be conscious of the fact that, the change we need begins with every individual. Hence, every citizen must play his/her own part, to make this nation great again by being peaceful, honest, truthful, and caring for one another in brotherly love.

“Leaders of this nation must know that the Commander in Chief of the Heavenly Armies is here watching their actions and inactions,” the Religious Leader stated.

Leader Obu however lamented that “despite the love and grace of God towards Nigeria, this nation is still wallowing in economic retrogression and infrastructural decay. Uptil now, lip service is still being paid to National unity. Religion has become a vehicle for destruction and hatred, instead of being an instrument for unity and a platform to inspire hope and faith in God.”

He assured that Nigeria would remain the “mother of all nations. The luckiest nation on earth. Whether the world likes it or not, for the sake of the children of God, Nigeria shall continue to exist, and fulfill her glorious destiny.”

According to him, there is something more than gold and diamond in Nigeria, adding that “Angels of Peace have descended into this country to scatter every evil gathering and calm every storm raging amongst the different tribes and races within this country.”

He charged all tribes and races in Nigeria to live in love and togetherness, stressing that “this country will no longer be a comfort zone for evil practices because, the great light of the Holy Spirit is now shinning brightly all over this nation.”


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