Home News Any Party Which Fields Muslim/Muslim ticket’ll fail woefully, Bishop Isong warns

Any Party Which Fields Muslim/Muslim ticket’ll fail woefully, Bishop Isong warns


By Magnus Effiong

Any political party which attempts to force the rumoured Muslim/Muslim ticket on Nigeria would fail the forthcoming presidential election woefully, The National Publicity Secretary of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Bishop Emmah Gospel Isong, has said warned.

Speaking in Calabar, Wednesday, Bishop Isong, who is also the Presiding Bishop of the Christian Central Chapel Int’l (CCCI), based in the Cross River state capital, said the current mood in the country does not permit such political experiment to be dangled.

He said: “Any political party that wants to bring a Muslim/Muslim ticket should know that it will fail the presidential election woefully.

“Such a thing should not even be contemplated at this time that Christians are being killed right inside Churches during worship. It should not be mentioned at this time that Christian clerics are being kidnapped, tortured, killed and in some cases, ransom running into millions of Naira, paid.

“Muslim/Muslim ticket should not be an issue for debate at this time that Christianity is being threatened by Jihadists, extremists and their secret sponsors.

“To me, if any party feels like taking that risk, it should go ahead with such experiment and then see the outcome. I tell you the truth, it shall not see the light of the day. In fact, it will fall even before the election day.”

On the decision of some Churches to stop members without permanent voter’s card from accessing worship centres, Bishop Isong said Church leaders have the right to decide means to get their members to be involved actively in the political process since the type of government in a country impacts citizens negatively or positively.

“Many Nigerians, including Church leaders, have been worried about voter’s apathy, if Churches and other organisations decide to devise their personal ways of encouraging their members to participate in the process which determines who governs them, so be it,” the PFN scribe stated.

He called on those who were yet to get their PVCs to do so to enable them take active part in deciding who they would entrust their political destiny to, saying the incoming election promises to spring lots of surprises  


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