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If God Did Not Say Anything to You, Don’t Involve Him: Tacha Sends Warning to Religious Leaders


Nigeria is a very religious country and it comes as no surprise that religious leaders are used as tools during elections to sway the public to vote for a particular candidate. BBNaija’s Tacha has now complained about this online.

According to the reality star, religious leaders are free to pick and support a candidate of their choice. However, they should stop with the claims that God revealed the candidate to them when He did not.

Speaking further, Tacha who was clearly upset said they did not have to lead people on with religion and then start trying to defend what they earlier claimed God told them.

In her words: “As a religious leader that you are, you need to understand that you have the right to pick a candidate, support a candidate without involving God. You don’t have to involve God in your confusion. You can’t lead people on with religion and along the line you come and start trying to back up whatever you said God said or God told you and even confuse people the more.”

The reality star added that if they decided to support a candidate because they truly believe in the person, then they should do so and not add God to it if He didn’t say anything to them.


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