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Why Ayade Should Be Nigeria’s President – Lawmaker, Udop


By Magnus Effiong, Calabar

With the national convention of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) lurking menacingly at the corner, a two-term member of the Cross River State House of Assembly (CRSHA), Rt Hon Ogbor Ogbor Udop, has given reasons why Gov Ben Ayade should be voted as the party’s candidate and made to lead the country in 2023.

In a chat with our reporter in Calabar, weekend, Rt Hon Udop, who represents Biase State Constituency, said the Governor has all the attributes of a successful leader, saying his ability to take positive steps for the future generation is second to none,

According to the lawmaker, Governor Ayade has been able to utilize gainfully the meager resources accruing to the State to build world-class industries, adding that the Governor has also made laudable efforts at building a deep seaport and super highway from Bakassi to the northern part of the country.

He said: “The only man that can elevate this part of Nigeria close to the status of Lagos economically and spread development evenly across the country is Gov Ben Ayade. I say so because he has this wonderful concept and unique vision about how the future should look like.

“If you look at the map of Africa closely, you’ll observe that the African map is shaped like a gun, and Cross River State is where the trigger is. It is strategically located to ignite socio-economic boom across Africa in general and Nigeria in particular. The best man for that job is Gov Ayade.

“And, if you check the map of Nigeria, the State is also the shortest route to the northern part of the country as far as south south of Nigeria is concerned.

“Already, the Lagos Port is congested and the workability of the Bakassi Deep seaport, which the Governor has made great efforts to see it comes to fruition, would bring wonderful economic benefits to the country as goods could easily be sent northward without much ado, through the super highway. This is a great vision.

“Now look at it this way, the super highway and Bakassi deep seaport, for instance, are ideal concepts that can ignite a huge economic activities and add more meaning to the life of not Cross River people but the whole of the northern Nigeria and even beyond.

“With such concept, everyone should agree that if Gov Ayade should have enough resources at his disposal, these projects and others would be in place to take Nigeria to another level.

“The truth is, if you put side by side the resources accruable to the State and projects initiated by the Ayade-led administration, you’ll agree with me that the man has done exceptionally well and can do better if he is in charge of Nigeria’s whole resources.”

He believed that both the public and private sector would benefit from the Ayade’s federal government if he is given the mantle of leadership.

“in Cross River state, for instance, the industries built by the governor, when put into use maximally, would stimulate the economy, especially as most of them would be privatized and run by the private sector thereby creating employment opportunities to our teeming youths,” he stated

Rt Hon Ogbor called on Cross Riverians and indeed all Nigerians to give maximum support to the Governor as he strives to pick the party’s sole ticket.

He also enjoined APC members to support the party’s candidate in the State, Senator Bassey Otu, saying the candidate has the capacity to interpret accurately Gov Ayade’s vision for the State and take Cross River to another level of socio-economic rebirth.

“Prince Bassey Otu is our consensus candidate. This is our position on the matter. Those fighting him either from within the party or outside are wasting their time. How can a former House of Representatives member and Senator not have certificates? Are they saying Senator Otu did not go to school? It is simply not possible. People are just showing pettiness.

“If you do not ‘moralize’ politics, the same politics you claim to be playing could become an enemy that can consume you. Enough of that fight. Cross River state people should queue behind Prince Bassey Otu so that he would be encouraged to deliver the dividends of democracy that we all crave for. That’s all,” he stated.


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