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We’ll Offer Purposeful Representation for Bakassi – Emmanuel Asuquo of SDP


By Magnus Effiong
The candidate for Bakassi State Constituency in the Saturday House of Assembly election, under the platform of Social Democratic Party (SDP) Comrade Emmanuel Asuquo, has vowed to offer purposeful representation if given the opportunity to represent his people.
In a chat with our reporter, Asuquo said “This 

election allows Bakassians an opportunity for new beginning, for more harmonious communities and effective representation.

“Politicians cannot have all the answers, and representative cannot solve all the problems, but when a representative builds a partnership with his constituents, when both parties agree to move their communities forward, communities change for the better.

“Together we will witness the changes and the advances that our communities desperately need. Together as a collective unit, the people of Bakassi can begin to lay claims to better Education, Health and Social Services.

“Together, we will begin to create opportunities for new jobs, open the doors to new ideas, better government and representation. Together as a people, we can face our challenges. And I invite you to this new and exciting journey for Bakassi.

“Real and positive changes comes when a community chooses from itself, the best of itself, and when there is exchange of ideas between the elected and his/her electorate, so that they govern themselves indirectly.

“This is the change that Bakassi can make; it can provide answers on how to deal with unemployment, how to deal with issues of security, how to revitalize  social services, education and health etc.”

On what he would to stem the tide of unemployment which may have been the root cause of insecurity, the candidate said “We will offer employment to the massive unemployed youths in Bakassi by championing and advancing practical and sensible policies that open Bakassi to trade and establishes key infrastructure.

“This will be a major priority on my agenda for the Bakassi people.

“With the current economic situation, we are at risk of raising a lost generation of young people without necessary skills to be part of the workforce and more so, with no workforce to be part of, the impact of this is that it will be increasingly difficult for families to take care of themselves.

“Getting people to work is an essential part of the Federal Government’s MDGs/SDGs, and it will be an essential part of my agenda for Bakassi.

“I will promote enabling environment for private sector investment and employment programmes for Bakassi people.

“The aim will be to offer targeted, personalized help to people seeking employment, create bonds between the public and private sectors to create employment opportunities, create various training programmes for the unemployed to further their Skills and let them create their own wealth/

“We will create community work clubs, places where people looking for work can gather together to exchange skills, find opportunities, make useful contacts and provide mutual support. Governments exist to assist and I will make and support legislation that does that with the unemployed.”


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