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Otu’s Visit to Ukelle, Promise to Complete 39 km Road, Thrills Community


Andy Esiet, Calabar

Gov Bassey Otu

The people of Ukelle have expressed appreciation to the State governor, Senator Prince Bassey Otu on his recent visit to their community with the promise to complete the abandoned 39 kilometre road.

That road is very important to the people of Ukelle as it’s a major trade and evacuation corridor between them and neighbouring communities in Benue state.

In a press statement made available to newsmen in Calabar on Saturday by a Community Leader in Ukelle and Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), High Chief Henry Onwe described the visit of the governor to Ukelle as unprecedented being the first time any governor, civilian or military to embark on a tour to the area shortly after assumption of office.

He stated that the visit shows the governor’s commitment to the cause of Ukelle land and it’s people and a gesture highly appreciated by the the good people of Ukelle.

“Even while His Excellency was still in Ukelle, I was getting a torrent of calls from excited people expressing joy that Senator Otu could visit the area barely one month after assumption of office. Frankly, we appreciate his concern and commitment to our plight”, he said.

Chief Onwe who was the Director General of Prince Otu Governorship Campaign Organisation for Yala Local Government Area stressed that without gain saying, “the people of Ukelle did not make a mistake for voting massively for the governor because their longstanding dream and hopes for the construction of the North Ukelle road and fair representation in the government of the state would be a reality.

“His assurance that he would construct the 39 kilometre North Ukelle road is not just heart warming but gratifying as that has been the cause of the severe poverty biting our people who in spite of their hard-work and abundant farm produce yearly cannot evacuate those produce to the markets for sales at prices commensurate with their efforts”.

He assured that the people of Ukelle will continue to support the Otu government the same way they voted enmasse for him, saying, “we are a committed and loyal people and we shall continue to support the programmes, projects and policies of this government with these noble steps the governor has started”

Chief Onwe also called on the governor to look into the perennial inter-communal conflict between the people of South Ukelle and their Izzi neighbours of Ebonyi State and find a long lasting solution.

He said, “the people of South Ukelle hardly sleep with their two eyes closed for fear of attack from their neighbours ,Izzi of Ebonyi State. The conflict has been lingering for decades now and it is affecting the economic, social and agricultural lives of the people as they cannot go to farm or move freely in their own land”

He said prevailing on the National Boundary Commission to expedite action on retracing the boundary lines and beacons between the two communities would help restore lasting peace.


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