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Onwe Leads APC Ward-to-Ward Campaign Train to Ukelle


By Our Reporter

High Chief Henry Onwe, the Director General of the Yala Local Government  All Progressives Congress,APC , Campaign Organisation, at the weekend  shook the four wards of North Ukelle when he led the candidates and prominent political figures of the party  in Yala on a ward -to- ward campaign tour of Ukelle.

The team comprising the Yala  Government Council  Chairman,  Barrister Fabian Ogbeche who stood in for the Digital Governor,  Senator Professor Ben Ayade, the Senatorial Candidate of the party for the Northern District, Hon Jude Ngaji, the House of Representatives candidate for Ogoja/ Federal Constituency, Hon John Ulafor who  stood in for Senator Prince Otu, the  gubernatorial candidate of the APC,  Hon Tom Agi who represented the APC  Presidential Candidate,  Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Hon Cynthia Nkasi, the House of Assembly member for Yala 2 State  Constituency were greeted by mammoth crowd in all the stops and wards headquartres  of North Ukelle.

Addressing the cheering crowd, Onwe said Senator Ayade loves Ukelle and has done much more than any governor for the people of  the area and as such deserves massive support  votes from them to return to Senate.

“Leave politics aside, the North  Ukelle road is a federal road and His Excellency, Senator Professor Ben Ayade has undertaken to construct the entire twenty to three kilometres road.  He said work is progressing at a rapid speed and very soon the era of getting stuck in the mud or being covered in dust while going on Ukelle road will be a thing of the past courtesy of Governor Ayade”

He said apart from the Ukelle road and thirty boreholes being constructed by the governor, the governor’s human capital development is unrivalled with  hundreds of Ukelle  sons and daughters receiving  alert every month and therefore deserve commendation and support. He stressed the need for the ukelle people never to play opposition politics as it’s enemical to the growth and development of the area. 

Barrister Fabian Ogbeche, the Yala  Council Chairman         said Senator Ayade has changed the narrative of governance in the state as seen in  the industries, infrastructure and  projects he has undertaken during his administration and stated that “such man of calibre and capacity only needs to be encouraged to do more by being given another office”.

“With the political configuration and strategisation going on in Abuja, our Digital Governor would be the number three man come next Senate regime  and the benefits that would accrue to Cross River, particularly northern Cross River cannot be quantified.”

Hon Jude Ngaji said it is only expedient that those with capacity should be given the opportunity to serve and called on the people of Ukelle to vote enmasse for candidates of the APC.

“We are imploring everyone here today to take a look at the personalities brought forward by our party and carry  the message home that what is good is good and what is good for the people of Yala, Ukelle, Ogoja and indeed the entire state now is the APC”.

Hon Ulafor who stood in for Senator Prince Otu remarked that Otu is popular, outstanding and has a good heart and his choice as the gubernatorial candidate of the party was wise and taken in the interest of the state and it’s people.

Hon Tom Agi who represented  the presidential candidate of the party , Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu stated that   Tinubu symbolises hardwork, diligence and pan- Nigeria outlook and the people of Ukelle should key in at this time to get a proper recognition when the time comes 

Hon Cynthia Nkasi, the House of Assembly member for Yala 2 State Constituency declared that she has a pact with the people to continue to give them quality representation and called for massive votes for the APC in all elections.

“Beginning on the 25 of February, we shall demonstrate that Ukelle is one and we shall do this by voting enmasse for our Digital Governor , Senator Professor Ben Ayade to return to the Senate and continue his good work, we shall vote for Jude Ngaji to return to the House of Representatives, and Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Alhaji Shetima as president and vice president respectfully and my humble self to continue in the Assembly.  Have we agreed?”. there was a thunderous “yeeesss”.

Dr Hippolatus Lukpata, the Commissioner for Water Resources in his speech called on the people of Ukelle to stand with the APC because it is the winning party.

“We cannot make the mistake of going anywhere or any other party outside APC because it is the winning party and our fate should be tied to where victory is in the election “


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