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More Royal Houses Show Solidarity to Obong of Calabar, Disassociate Selves from Dethronement Plot


By Magnus Effiong

Despite orchestrations from various interests and camps to unsettle the Efik throne occupied by the Obong of Calabar, His Eminence Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi-Otu V, more Royal Houses have continued to, within the last three months, pay solidarity to the throne, the latest being Etim Efiom Royal House, Oyo Ita Royal House, Ekpenyong Nsa Royal House, Eyo Nsa Royal House and King Eyo II Royal House.

Pillar Today, which covered the visits, reports that all the Royal Houses disassociated themselves from an alleged plot by some groups and individuals to cause crisis, and possibly oust Edidem Abasi-Out V and lock up the palace

On Tuesday, the Etim Efiom Royal House, led by Etubom Edem Bassey Eyo Ephraim Adam V, sauntered into the palace with arrays of traditional dances to celebrate the victory of the Obong of Calabar at the Supreme Court and the subsequent selection and proclamation of Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi Otu V as the Obong of Calabar.

In a solidarity message, Spokesperson for the Royal House, Mr. Essesien Bassey Edem, described the visit as a demonstration of allegiance to our King, and added, “we have come here to pledge our continuous support to the Obong of Calabar, Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi Otu V. We will continue to stand together to build the palace and the EFik kingdom.”

Edem posited that the 15 years of legal battle was to unify the Efiks all over the world, and therefore called for greater cooperation so that “intruders won’t have the opportunity to bring in confusion,” and advised any other eyeing the throne to wait for his time.

Ekpenyong Nsa and King Eyo II Royal Houses, who had visited the Palace penultimate week, also pledged their unwavering loyalty to the throne.

In a solidarity message jointly signed by HRH Etubom King Alex Eyo Ita for King Eyo II Royal House and Eld. Effiom Ekpo Eyo Bassey Ekpo, Etubom-elect of Ekpenyong Nsa Royal House, the two houses said pledged “utmost loyalty to the Efik throne.”

The solidarity read in part: “Amasi, your reselection and affirmation as the most qualified Efik son to occupy the most exalted and revered throne in Efik land today, is a clear testament of your leadership disposition of fairness, shrewdness and bravery, which have fostered unity and lov among Efik sons and daughters both at home and in Diaspora in the past fifteen years.

“While we pledge our utmost loyalty to the Efik throne and your reign, we pray that God of all grace will grant you sound health, wisdom and firmness of character  to discahre the enormous responsibilities associated with your office, to His glory.”

Corroborating, Eyo Nsa Royal House said Edidem Abasi-Otu V remained the best man to sit on the Efik throne and thereby distanced itself from various gimmicks from individuals and groups against the Monarch.

In a statement made available to our reporter and signed by its Chairman, High Chief (Prof) Eyo Etim Nyong, King Eyo Nsa II Royal House said “We will continue to pray that God Almighty and the God of our fathers will continue to bless you, bless the Efik land and our sacred stool, while we uphold you in our prayers. May you live long on your throne.

“We want to express that what is going on now, we are not part of any confusion on the throne.  We disassociate the House from any fracas. Long live Efik Kingdom! Long live The King.”

Recall that Offiong Okoho Royal House, made up of Ekpenyong Offiong Okoho House, Mbang Offiong Okoho, Abasi Offiong Okoho and James Edem Ekpenyong Offiong Okoho Houses; Otung Eyo Ema Ancestral Clan made up of Ibitam, Akabom Ene and Ekpo Nta Ene royal houses had already paid solidarity visit to the Obong.

Others were Ekpo Abasi Royal House, Obutong Traditional Council, Okpokpro Otu Mesembe House, Ntiero Edem Efiom Ekpo Royal House, Ibitam Royal House, Eyamba Clan Council, Cobham Town Council, Archibong Ekpo Effiom, Oku Atai (Abasi& Ekpe Oku), Henshaw Town Council (Effiom Ekpo,) and Duke House Royal Council. Iban Essien Efik Dupeba, Nka Efak Inang Youth Group refused to be left out.


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