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Intermittent Clashes Rock Bakassi Peninsula


For about three weeks running, intermittent clashes between  Biafra separatist militants and the Joint Border Forces of Nigeria and Cameroon have rocked Bakassi Peninsula in the Gulf of Guinea.

On September 11, the separatist group was dislodged in Abana by the Cameroon’s Rapid d’intervention Battalions (BIR). September 22, they carried out a repraisal attack and seven Cameroon soldiers were allegedly killed by a suicide bomber. September 26, there was yet another attack as the Biafra militants were reported to have beheaded three Cameroon Gendarmes in Isangale subdivision of Bakassi. Then on September 28, explosion was said to have killed five soldiers of the Joint Border Forces of Nigeria and Cameroon near Ikang waterways in Bakassi Peninsula.

Latest in the attack took place in the morning of September 30 and two persons were injured following clashes between the Marine Police and separatist militants Dragon Marine engaging in in heavy shootout near the maritime border of Bakassi Peninsula.

It was gathered that the Marine Police were escorting a foreign vessel when the militants attempted to intercept them.

The militant group is believed to be another armed group loyal to the Biafra Nations League (BnL), different from the Black Marine and they operate mainly around the upland Bakassi area down to Ikang waterways on Nigeria side.

Witnesses said the militants overtook the vessel with speed boat and sophisticated arms to intercept them before they were engaged by security operatives in a shootout but no life was lost as security forces overwhelmed the group.

Sources said two security men were injured in the process and may be in critical condition.

Leader of the BnL, Princewill  Richards had earlier said that they were okay with the attacks so long as it targeted their enemies and on the latest attack he said, “the Dragon Marine is a very serious group I used to know, they are firm in freedom fighting”

Meanwhile, authorities in Cameroon have declared the  Operational Coordinator of BnL, Henry Edet wanted following these reoccurring attacks .

Recall that Edet escaped from detention in Bakassi Peninsula after an explosion rocked the Cameroonian Police station few months ago.


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