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Fulfilling Christ’s mission – Pastor W.F Kumuyi


Almost all people who attach themselves to Christianity do a form of evangelism, that is, telling others about Christ’s love and sacrifice to free them from the judgment for their sinful conduct. But there is un-Christ-like evangelism – evangelism that is not exactly like Christ’s. If your evangelism is not Christ-like, it has no recognition in heaven; it is a waste of time, energy, and resources.

The Pharisees were very zealous; they “compass sea and land” to bring in people to their fold. But they did not talk about repentance, confessing, and forsaking of sins because they did not know or believe it. Their converts learned their ways and became “twofold more the child[ren] of hell”. They made the people change outwardly, “but within they [were] full of extortion and excess [and] …all uncleanness… hypocrisy and iniquity”.


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