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Biafra Referendum Conference Opens In Finland Today, May Declare Biafra


The Simon Ekpa led Biafra separatists group may soon declare the Republic of Biafra in far away Finland.

A two day Biafra Referendum Conference organized by Mazi Simon Ekpa, referred to as the Prime Minister of the Biafra Republic Government in exile by his supporters, commenced on Friday in far away Finland and top sources close to the separatists group said the Republic of Biafra will be declared immediately after the conference. 

The sources close to the group that disclosed this to Pillar Today said, “it is also expected that many Biafra agitator groups in Nigeria may follow suit in accepting the proclamation back home in Nigeria immediately it is declared”. 

Meanwhile, the Biafra Nations League (BnL), led by Princewill Chimezie Richards has thrown it’s weight behind the ongoing two days Biafra Referendum Conference in Finland by Ekpa.

Similarly, Richards said the BnL which has refused to openly align itself with the Black Marine and the Dragon Fighter Marine, also declared support on the activities of the militant groups that have been operating in the Bakassi Peninsula of the Gulf of Guinea.

Meanwhile, in the series of attacks in the Peninsula, the Black Marine, an affiliate armed group of the BnL, on Friday shot sporadically in the area scaring away travellers on the water as they scampered for safety.

The group according to an eyewitness report, drove on three speedboats shooting and singing ‘Naija we no go gree’, (meaning, Nigeria we will not agree) suggesting that the group was reacting to the launch of ‘Operations Still Water 3’ in Ikang, Bakassi area of Cross River State by the Nigeria Army a few days ago.


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