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2,811 Benefit From Jennifer Etuh Foundation, Pro-Health International Free Medical Outreach In Cross River 



A total of 2,811 patients have benefited from the recently concluded Free Medical Outreach programme by Jennifer Etuh (JEF) in collaboration with Pro-Health International in Obubra LGA of Cross River State.

A statement by the Program Manager, Jennifer Etuh Foundation, Mr. Joseph Otu made available to some newsmen in Calabar, said the outreach programme commenced between 25th-30th January, 2024 as the the Jennifer Etuh Medical Centre, Ochon, Obubra was commissioned on January 26, 2024 by the Cross River State Governor, Senator Bassey Otu who was represented by the Commissioner for Health, Dr Henry Egbe Ayuk.

In a bid to enhance healthcare across the state and its neighbouring environment, the outreach played host to a dedicated team of skilled medical professionals  on-site to offer an array of services which included: Medical consultations General and specialized surgeries, Ophthalmology, Dental care, Free Medications, Health promotion, Obstetrics and Gynecology, General medical services and Laboratory services. 

Breakdown of final Statistics from the programme as confirmed by the Board Chairman the Foundation, Mr. Thomas Etuh, showed that General Surgeries were carried out in 91 patients, Eye Surgery – 100, Eye Care patients seen – 681, Eye glasses given-414, Laboratory test done-1,432, Laboratory patients screened-566, Pharmacy patients seen -1,137, Dental patients seen – 224, Dental Procedures- 605, Health Promotion-148 and Consulting patients seen – 1,567. Thus a grand total of patients seen stood at 2,811

Etuh said, since inception, “JEF has intervened in the education and empowerment of women and girls from different walks of life with support ranging from educational fees, full scholarship, menstrual hygiene kits, palliative, relief materials to internally displaced victims of insecurity, Vocational skills training , training on Improved agricultural practices for women farmers and educational starter packs starter packs for children”.

The vision of the JEF encompasses a multifaceted approach to creating a society where underprivileged women and girls have access to quality education, healthcare, and skill acquisition programmes. 

He said, “we are contributing our bit towards a Nigeria where no female is hindered from realizing her full potential due to financial constraints or limited resources and opportunities.

The Foundation started in January 2021 and has so far built five hospitals and they are: Jennifer Etuh Medical Center, Jennifer Etuh Medical Center (JEMC), Tula, Gombe State and the Jennifer Etuh Medical Centre, Ochon in Obubura LGA Cross River State

The hospitals established by JEF are being managed by different institutions with a credible track record of hospital management.

The Jennifer Etuh Specialist Hospital in Kagoro is managed by Bingham University. Jennier Etuh Medical Center in Kogi by Catholic Diocese of Idah, Jennifer Etuh Medical Center – Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Jennifer Etuh Medical Centre, Tula, Gombe State is being managed by the foundation 

The latest which is the Jennifer Etuh Medical Centre, Ochon in Obubura LGA, Cross River is being managed by Pro Health International led by Dr. Iko Ibanga. 

The Foundation recognizes the importance of maintaining effective follow-up, monitoring, and learning processes and to achieve this, Etuh said, “the foundation has implemented a strategy of employing community-based field officers who serve as the primary point of contact between the hospital management and the foundation. These officers play a crucial role in reporting activities and deliverables to the foundation’s office, establishing a seamless flow of information.

“This proactive approach enables ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and learning within the foundation. By collecting and analyzing relevant data, the foundation can make informed, data-driven decisions regarding the operations and progress of the hospitals. This valuable information helps identify areas of improvement, recognize successful practices, and make necessary adjustments to enhance the overall quality of healthcare services provided”.

In addition to the field officers, he said “the Jennifer Etuh Foundation maintains an active role in overseeing and supporting the management of these hospitals. This commitment ensures that the hospitals consistently deliver high-quality healthcare services to the communities they serve. By actively participating in the management process, the foundation can provide guidance, resources, and support to address any challenges that may arise.

“Through this collaborative approach, the foundation fosters a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in the healthcare sector. By leveraging ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and learning, the Jennifer Etuh Foundation strives to create sustainable positive impact and make a meaningful difference in the lives of the communities it serves”.

JEF was officially launched  on February 16, 2021  in memory of the late Mrs. Jennifer Rematu Etuh who lived an exemplary humanitarian life. She was passionate about supporting the needy, creating opportunities to uplift disadvantaged women and girls she came in contact with by giving them educational and vocational support and other access to other economic empowerment opportunities. 

During her last moments she gave explicit instructions on the vision of the Foundation, it’s intervention and the sitting of six hospitals across the six geopolitical zones. 

Jennifer Etuh Medical Centre, Ochon in Obubra LGA is the fiith in a series of full-service hospitals to be built by Mr. Thomas Etuh and Jennifer Etuh Foundation in memory of his late wife, Mrs Jennifer Ramatu Etuh, who was called to glory on 26th January 2020.


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