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2023 Elections: CAN Sensitises Churches On Preferred Candidates


The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has sent messages to the churches for members to make informed decisions on the character of persons they should vote for in 2023 elections

The association, in a message signed by its spokesperson, Pastor Sarah Omakwu, and made available to newsmen on Sunday, said urged members to vote in defence of their faith.

According to the statement, members will defend their faith as power is first about spiritual control before the physical.

“We are going to vote this time to defend our faith. We are going to vote for character, competence, capacity and policy. Ours must be to defend our faith of course after prayers we can direct our people.

“The person to be voted for must be God fearing. Must be honest and truthful, someone that has respect for the rule of law, justice and fairness for all, respect for religious and ethnic diversity.

“Must have clean and credible lifestyle. No membership of cults, no involvement in witchcraft, no fanaticism and relationship with violent religious groups. This is the kind of person we are voting for,” CAN said.

The association said it would not vote anyone who had relationship with Boko Haram or drug, adding that the person deserving of members’ votes must be in good health and of a sound mind.

The association said that the would-be leader must possess quality performance in previous positions, good education sufficient to manage a complex society and an effective management of human and natural resources.

It said that the person must have the ability to envision transformation, ability to communicate the vision to diverse people, ability to effectively execute the vision of transformation. Must be physically fit for the job.

It further said that the leader to be must have a policy for the proper policing of the country. Religious neutrality of the Nigerian state, enforcement of the fundamental rights of all Nigerians.

CAN said such persons must be sympathetic to restructuring, decentralisation of governance, equitable and enforceable sharing of executive offices.

“So, the offices must be given to all Nigerians, not a section or his/her of the country.

“The person must give equal ethnic and religious representation in the military and security agencies.

“Such persons must give room for self-determination for all Nigerian people, one that would say no to Ruga and yes to ranching. One that would provide free education and healthcare to Nigerians including Almajiris.

“So, this is it from CAN and by the Grace of God, God will give us this kind of a leader,” it stated.

According to CAN, governance is for everyone, “so, this time around, anybody that has the inclination at all to continue what we have been going through, we are going to say no to that person”.

“Anybody that has the inclination to side one religion over the other, we are going to fight that person, every Nigerian has the right to worship.

“If they worship the stone, they want to worship Mohammed or the moon, they want to worship Jesus Christ, they want to worship God, whatever it is, the constitution allows everybody that freedom,” it said.

CAN said that in 2023 by the Grace of God, the Church would come out enmasse and vote for the person that would make Nigeria comfortable for the citizenry. 


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