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Lordmansamusa: Good education gives you more leverage as an entertainer


Daniel Olaniyi, the actor popularly known as Lordmansamusa is a strong believer of quality education for Entertainers. Lordmansamusa who had his first degree in English Language and also a minor in Spanish from UBC, graduated with a class of degree that many dream of despite a hectic studying experience

According to him, his “undying love for the art,” is what has brought him thus far. “As far as I am concerned, having a good education also contributes to my acting skill and making me a better actor,” he declared. On why he chose to become an actor when he could as well work in a corporate organisation with his good academic result, Lordmansamusa attested: “I have a life-long passion for acting and it is a journey that started long ago since I was a teenager, since the first time I found myself in front of a camera during a school play in secondary school.” He further avowed that he has no regret whatsoever becoming an actor: “There is hardly any human being who will not have one misgiving or another over the course of his life, but I have got no qualms about being an actor.” Despite his love for the act, Lordmansamusa sees dating his colleague as a taboo, “I don’t! I can’t! It’s too much stress and too much appearance that you have to keep up with. So, its a No for me,” he spilled.


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