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Ita Enang And His Relentless Pursuit For Justice




Whether you like Senator Ita Solomon Enang or not, you cannot deny the fact that he is a relentless and dogged fighter for a cause he believes in. And that’s why I like him. Kind of.

After he was dribbled out of the APC Governorship primary in May, Senator Enang went to the Federal High Court in Uyo to challenge the nomination of Mr. Akanimo Udofia in that late night election. His case appeared somewhat otiose to me because INEC had also declined to validate Udofia’s nomination, thus rendering APC without a candidate. I called him and asked: ‘’Senator, why do you bother to go to court to challenge Akan when INEC has not even recognized the primary?’’ He chuckled, made a joke and we all laughed.

But unknown to him, Udofia had surreptitiously gone to another Federal High Court – in Abuja – to seek an order of the Court to compel INEC to recognize him as the governorship candidate in Akwa Ibom (You’all know the drill?). The matter would have remained a secret and maybe Udofia might just have succeeded in obtaining the order if some APC members did not start to brag about the coming court order (This is why I am so resentful of boastful people). The boasts got to a head last week when Mr. Eseme Eyibo told his supporters to wait till October 6 when the ‘’Order will arrive’’.

I called Ita Enang again. ‘’Senator, are you aware that your people are waiting for a Court Order on October 6? It seems to be a fait accompli already given the jubilations and the braggadocious talks I’m hearing all over the place…’’. He was pensive this time and paused for long before he replied. ‘’Where did they file this case, because I have been looking everywhere in Abuja for the Court where they filed the matter’’, he eventually asked after a long pause. ‘’I don’t know. I’m not a lawyer, so I wouldn’t know…’’, I replied. He then told me that he had however written to the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court, intimating him of his interest in the matter, and praying to be joined in it. I asked for a copy of the letter.

When I woke up this morning (October 6), the Court Order was on my mind, and I kept monitoring Imo Akpan’s facebook postings for news. He and my good friend, Rachel Nse, are the major script writers in this long drama. And they are quite conceited about it!

When therefore I saw Imo’s announcement that the Court has given a different kind of Order – that those who want to be joined in the case would be allowed, I called Enang again.

‘’Senator, is this true?’’, I asked

‘’Yes. But I’m the one that filed an application yesterday, asking to be joined’’


‘’Yes. I filed the application at 4pm yesterday’’

‘’4pm! So, you eventually located the Court that is hearing the matter?’’

‘’Yes. I was looking everywhere, holding my flashlight, searching for the Court in Abuja…’’

I cracked out in a loud laughter.

(The image of Senator Ita Enang holding a big flashlight and a big bundle of broom, looking everywhere in Abuja for the court where Akanimo is looking for an Order would make a good cartoon piece).

‘’By the way, which Judge is handling this matter?’’

‘’Justice Nwitte’’

‘’That name rings a bell…’’

I have been laughing since…

With Enang now being joined as a party in the case, we can expect more drama. And I will be around to report it. I have been reporting since 1988…

By the way, the governorship Campaigns open on Wednesday, and I’m with Senator JJ Udoedehe.

Etim is a Journalist and Political Analyst, writes from Abuja


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