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Enoidem, Akwa Ibom 2023 & The Etim Ekpo MPM Resignation Saga


Bar. Emmanuel Enoidem

By Celestine Mel, Uyo

If victory in election was a function of resignations, Hilltop Mansion Uyo would have been home of the other side since 2019. We had them many then. I agree that ⁨Barr Emmanuel Enoidem⁩ needs to urgently put his house at home in order. But in a democracy, people should be free to change camp, switch loyalty, change political positions, etc. The fact that some persons in Etim Ekpo do not line up behind the MPM czar does not in any way mean that he would not win the general elections or would not be a good senator.

I have interacted with him here long enough to know that he is a person of depth and span. He is also practical in problem solving and leaves no one in doubt about where he stands at all times. Those qualities trump whatever internal disagreements he may have with his brothers back home.

We all know that I am from Essien Udim where the HMNDA is from. We all know that the HMNDA is not cool with me and I am reciprocally not his disciple. Whatever I feel about him does not detract from his abilities to hold his turf, win the confidence of PMB (whom I support) and deliver on his mandate in the cabinet. There is no correlation between how I feel about him and who he is, just as there is no correlation between what he feels about me and who I am. We are both blessed by God to be brothers. I know that deep down his heart, he holds no ill-feelings about me his younger brother, just as I hold no grudges about him as my elder brother. If he executes his political plans without me, or I oppose his agenda because it does not fit into mine,, it does not mean that he has failed. Or that anyone should hold him accountable for the choices that I make.

It is in similar vein that I view the schism between some persons in Etim Ekpo and our in-coming senator’s MPM. It is not improbable to conceive that there is a clash of personal interests which sets some people apart from the interest of ⁨Barr Emmanuel Enoidem⁩, hence the resignations. That a few people have resigned from MPM or have been relieved of their duties does not mean that he has failed or his chance to getting to the red chambers have been dampened.

He is the candidate to beat in the election. He is the front-runner. As such, there would be all sorts of dirt thrown at him. His endorsement by his party people and non-party people like me, was sure to set off strong opposition and sponsored activities by other contenders to the seat to try and rubbish him. It should be expected. I hope he stays focused on the big picture, stop getting dragged into small fights and end the back-and-forth with people here.

Emoidem is not an angel. He has his bad sides like we all do. But he is still above his peers in competence for the job. I disagree with him on PMB, and agree with him on the need to have a strong voice in Abuja.


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