By Victor Bisong!

Sen. Gershom Bassey

It started with zoning and they played the card that Sen. Gershom was relying on it to clinch the party’s flag but that has been laid to rest in view of current realities and they have since entered their shells. Though obvious, they failed to see the magic wand and Midas touch of Sen. Gershom.

Senator Gershom has constantly redefined leadership and given the PDP no alternative in her quest to reclaim Cross River ahead of the general elections in 2023. So, in clear terms, the PDP’s chance at redirecting the state, rest on the shoulders of the man, Gershon Bassey.

I can’t deny the qualities other aspirants share with Gershom, hence, these concessions. I respect the qualifications of every single person contesting for the same ticket owing to their sacrifices for the party. I respect the vision these other people have to change the fortune of the state. They all have worked hard in endearing themselves to the masses and stakeholders both within and outside the state. However, one stakeholder exist to call the shots; the PDP, Cross River State Chapter.

The PDP is the most important stakeholder involved in the party’s pre-election discussions especially how these discussions place them on a more favourable surface to clinch the eventual success at the general elections. Also, considering the dynamics of the 2023 elections as seen in the Electoral Act as amended and the prospect of the party at the polls, the PDP must weigh their options properly and pick the odd that best increases their chances.

Please note: Although, party politics is played by individuals, the party is more concerned about self sustenance, success and her ability to gain or regain control. This is a case for objectification of humans but of course, without disrespect, institutions are built to objectify. Ultimately, the involvement of political parties is to play along ideologies that are perceived to bring solutions to state existential problems and the internal gimmicks seek to produce the best for a state centred development. This development is one that has the capability to transform the economy such that an average citizen would benefit.

So, in a bid to eventually choose the party’s flag bearer, these conditions should be given objective considerations. The party must look at an aspirant who’s popular across the 3 Senatorial District of the State, who has a pedigree of good leadership and whose score card has more grades and is marketable. Also, one can not overemphasize the fact that being an opposition party requires more work in a typical society as ours and as such, a candidate that can match anyone projected by the ruling All Progressives Congress gives the party great chances at the polls. If we agree that these considerations genuinely reflect the realities, then there’s just one man who can lead the struggle and he’s no other than, Distinguished Senator, Gershom Henry Bassey.

Dist. Senator Gershom Bassey has been a party man from inception and proven many times his commitment to the party even when the odds where against him. It is believed that the original permutation of succession was to pick him after the leader of PDP in Cross River, H.E, Sen. Liyel Imoke’s term. It was however, moved to the Northern Senatorial District of Cross River and he joyfully gave his entire support which aided the success of PDP in 2015. His unwavering loyalty to the party has been without doubt and it’s just normal to reciprocate such gesture as reward. These is a preamble to prove he’s qualified for considerations like others who have also done their best in moving the party forward and shown loyalty too.

However, the most important thing about him and as reflected in the recently conducted online polls is his popularity across the state, his pedigree of good leadership which is evident is his score card and most importantly, his capacity to wage a serious battle against the ruling APC. One would say, the party is not going just for battle but to win. It’s true actually and it’s also true that it’s the battle that produces the winner. 2 responses to the above concern. Firstly, Gershom stands tall as the strongest amongst other aspirants from recent online and popular opinion polls and secondly, Gershom has a massive actual grip on the Southern Senatorial District which he’s enjoying as a result of his style of people centred leadership and representation.

Gershom over the years has shown capacity that’s enviable. His calm yet result driven disposition makes him the man to reclaim, redirect and lead Cross River to global prominence and local stability.

For the sake of the party and future of Cross River, I besiege the PDP to unanimously hand over the party’s flag to Dist. Sen. Gershom Henry Bassey at the primaries in the coming weeks..


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