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Calabar And Environs Record First Rain, Raising Hope For A Bountiful Harvest in Cross River


By Ita Williams, Calabar

The residents of Calabar and environs, Cross River state today February 21, experienced the much-awaited first rain of the year on a cloudy afternoon. As the drops cascaded from the darkened sky, the people of Cross River State embraced the much-needed relief and hope for a prosperous farming season.

The rain began gently at Ekorinim at approximately 2:45 am and continued for nearly an hour, finally dissipating at 3:30 am. Despite its heaviness, the rain brought a tranquil atmosphere, granting respite to the parched land without unleashing any destructive winds or flooding.

Speaking about the rainfall to Pillar Today, Mr. Michael Ikpikin, a farmer from Akamkpa, expressed his anticipation. He said, “Though we expected the rain to come yesterday, and it came but it was very mild. But what I know is that the rain will soon set in heavily, so those who are always afraid of flooding must be prepared.” Farmers like Mr. Ikpikin eagerly await the abundant rainfall this year, aiming to contribute to feeding their communities, given the prevalent hunger in the land.

A resident of Ekorinim one, Mr. John Etim said, “the rain was long expected considering how hot the weather has been over time but unfortunately it did not last for long. It started at about 2.45 a.m and stopped about 3.30 a.m this morning. We pray more of it comes ” .

Mrs. Florence Okon from Akpabuyo shared her observations about the rain. “There were signs of rain, initially with a mild drizzle. The rain later intensified and dropped enough, but we anticipate heavier rainfalls. As farmers, we are ready to embrace the opportunity and work towards a bountiful harvest.”

Also speaking, to provide a diverse range of perspectives, from local farmers regarding the new February rain.

Benard Ebuka, an experienced farmer, remarked, “The first rain signifies a fresh start for us farmers. It feels like washing away the previous year’s struggles and renewing our hope for a fruitful season. I’m excited to witness this natural phenomenon.”

Samuel Ikpi, a young farmer, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “Rainfall is a farmer’s joy! It nourishes our fields, giving life to the seeds we have sown. With this early rain, I am optimistic about the promising future of our crops.”

Sebastian Oku voiced his reassurances, saying, “As a farmer, it’s crucial to interpret the signs of nature. This rain is a positive signal that our toil will not be in vain. With the right amount of sunshine and consistent rainfall, we can expect abundant yields.”

Sarah Oyom expressed her hopes for the upcoming harvest season, “Every farmer dreams of reaping the rewards of their hard work. The timely arrival of this rain brings me hope that nature is aligning with our efforts, and together we can overcome the challenges we face.”

Hannah Ukatt, a seasoned farmer, said, for the rainfall for the entire community. She remarked, “A good harvest benefits us all. The first rain not only symbolizes prosperity for farmers but also brings relief to everyone in our region. Through collective efforts, we can ensure food security and build a stronger community.”

In his remarks, Mr. Brown Umanam, an agricultural expert in the Okurikang area of the Odukpani local government area, noted that, the factors behind the rain’s gentle onset without associated wine storms or floods.

He explained, “The first rain often arrives gradually to prepare the soil for the subsequent downpours. It helps moisten the land, breaking the dry spell and creating ideal conditions for farmers to commence their planting activities. The absence of heavy winds and floods during the initial rain is a positive sign, as it indicates a balanced weather pattern that allows for optimal crop growth.”

As the first rain of the year graced the Ekoroinim area in Calabar, and some areas in Calabar, Akamkpa, and Odukpani, farmers in Cross River State will embrace its arrival with anticipation.

Their preparedness, combined with the expert insights on the rains, hopes that there is greater hope ahead for a prosperous farming season and an improved food supply. With every drop, the community’s aspirations for a bountiful harvest grow stronger, uniting them in their common quest for sustenance and prosperity.


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