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The Fruitless PDP Fitness Walk In Calabar



Ekpenyong Isaiah-isababa

For the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Cross River State, sometimes I begin to wonder what actually  they want. The Operators of the Party in Cross River State seems to be very confused with what is real and what is not real and in their confused state, has come up with a mantra, ‘Reclaiming Cross River State’, a laughable mantra that leaves one with just one question, what are they planning to reclaim?

That PDP in Cross River State in their State of confusion will begin to copy everything that the Labour Party does is a clear sign that they are currently either bereft of ideas on how to drive their reclaim Cross River mantra or may be planning to merge with the Labour Party having come to the realization of the reality on ground. The reality that even on the day of their fitness walk in Calabar, the people that attended the Prince Bassey Otu thank you visit in Etung alone were more than the paid young people who paraded the streets of Calabar in the name of political fitness walk. The difference between the Labour Party fitness walk and that of PDP is that while the citizens planned and executed the Labour Party own, PDP mobilized and paid young people to come and do theirs.

Again, PDP Cross River State belong to a faction of the PDP led by the River State governor, Ezenwo Nyesom Wike. Have they one day asked Wike why he is angry with the PDP? With the closeness of Senator Sandy Onor to governor Wike, I am of the believe that he should have known one of the reasons why Gov. Wike is so angry with the PDP which is that it is the turn of Southern Nigeria to produce the next president, the very reason Gov. Wike has refused to forgive anyone that betrayed that gentleman party position of rotating power between the North and South even in PDP.

That the PDP Cross River State whose Party Chairman and key stakeholders are with the Gov. Wike faction of the PDP, wants equity at the National level but are here at the State level trampling on same style of equity they are looking for,  is a clear sign of a very confused people dwelling in self deceit with the believe that they can drag Cross Riverians to their level.

Whatever it is with the APC, Senator Prince Bassey Otu, the APC Gubernatorial Candidate remains a Cross River State project across party lines because he is a more competent candidate that also represents equity, Justice and fair play for the peaceful co-existence of Cross Riverians now and in the future.

Ekpenyong Isaiah-isababa
Commander, Infantry Pen Battallion


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