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The Battle For The Juicy Ministry And Why Betta Edu Is The Target



This writeup is intended not to bore you. But we must understand the hands behind the scene and why we need to stand firm.

Last administration created the Humanitarian Ministry with the intention to help the poor, eradicate poverty and provide timely intervention in the form of palliatives and reliefs for disasters. These mandates require huge subvention, fiscal votes and peculiar attention, as a result, it attracts Billions upon Billions to support all the programs, projects and Initiatives geared towards achieving these mandates.

This made the Humanitarian Ministry a highly coveted Ministry as it had and is tagged a JUICY MINISTRY.

The import of the statement above is that it doesn’t matter who occupies as a Minister, eyes are always on such individual not for good reasons but a battle of interests.

Dr. Betta Edu, even though had the pedigree, character, competence and heart to function well as the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs was not expected to be handed such “Huge” Ministry. It shocked some camps. On few occasions, I have the rare privilege of being in a location where many believe that she’s too “Young and New to Politics” to occupy such position and should have been given a rather modest Ministry or Agency, at best. These set of people are behind her present battle.

Secondly, she came into a Ministry where the rank and file enjoyed some largesse under the last administration and would resist any change of such fortune, even when they are clear mis-appropriation and unscrupulous in nature. They hate change and the change maker.

The Transfer saga is just a front, it was fueled by deep-rooted, long-nursed disdain. It’s like a group waiting for an opportunity to strike. As a matter of pattern, if it were not the issue of transfer, they were going to use anything else anyways, they’ll plot and justify their actions by anything other than the truth to cause disaffection between the president and the Honourable Minister because to them, Betta is too “Young and new” to occupy such Ministerial position.

By Now, His Excellency, President Tinubu would have understood the truth. She was a great asset to His Campaign as she combed the nooks and crannies of Nigeria, touching bases with women, youths and the rural communities to appeal for vote for the president. They hated her gut and her ability to get results.

These and many more are the reasons she was a target. I strongly believe she’ll come out of this better and bolder. To me, the issue of transfer is no issue. It is a pattern to disburse through project accountant, a ranking officer with the Ministry and the Accountant General understands this.

Let’s understand the Battle. Let’s understand the weapon. Let’s understand how to win against all of these. Let’s stand firm for what we know as the truth. Let’s make statements as youths through several of our platforms and channels to raise healthy advocacy for fairness on our principal.

Temidayo Farinu-Kingheart
A Youth, A Nigerian.


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