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President Bola Tinubu’s N20,000 Grant: What Beneficiaries In Cross River Say


President Bola Tinubu

By Ita Williams, Calabar 

As we are in the era of transformation of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration, as part of his election campaign promised a vulnerable grant programme which was launched across the country and in Cross River State.

This remarkable initiative, aimed at uplifting the lives of small business owners in Cross River State and Nigeria in general, has proven to be a game-changer for many like Intense Eyuba, a woman who sells fried groundnut by the roadside.

As she pushed her cart through the crowded streets, hoping to make enough sales to sustain her family, fate took an unexpected turn on her. 

A day before the launch, as Eyuba trudged along her usual route, she said she was approached by a government representative who shared the incredible news of the N20,000 grant that had been made available for struggling small business owners. Overwhelmed with gratitude and anticipation, Itanse wasted no time in joining the man at the launch, hoping it would bring her closer to achieving her dreams.

 The weight of uncertainty lifted from her shoulders as she realized the endless possibilities this grant could bring. She immediately set out to invest it wisely, purchasing a new cart and a variety of premium groundnut that would stand out among her competitors. With her business transformed, Eyuba started attracting more customers, and her profits steadily increased.

She said, “I am Mrs. Itanse Yuba. I fry groundnut in our backyard and one morning last week as I trudged along our street, a man met me and asked if I could follow him to 11/11 (the Millennium Square).  I followed him. Behold, it was like a dream to me, I collected Tinubu’s N20,000 grant, and that has helped me a lot I couldn’t believe it”

Elsewhere in the local market, another beneficiary of President Tinubu’s grant, Mrs.Helen Ayoka, eagerly displayed her freshly dried grayfish. In the past, Ayoka struggled to maintain a consistent supply due to financial constraints. However, with the assistance of the grant, within days she was able to expand her fish drying capabilities and secured bulk purchases from local fishermen. Thanks to President Tinubu’s vision, she now stands as a proud example of the positive trajectory small businesses can take with a little support.

“I told people we should support Tinubu as President, that this man meant well for this country, Thanks to President Tinubu, he has uplifted my business. With N20,000 I can grow from there, at least with N20,000, I can add up cash and get an extra bag. Thanks to our amiable President”, she said. 

Similarly, Mabel Fred, a woman who fries and sells plantain chips, was finally able to invest in a professional-looking stall to attract more customers. The rejuvenated appearance of her business drew curious onlookers who soon became her loyal customers. With profits soaring, Fred was not only able to support her family but also employed a local youth who was once struggling to find employment.

“I am Mrs. Mabel Fred, at least with an extra N20,000 I can now increase another lump of plantain, which will go a long way to put more food on our table, now I am calling on every Nigerians to support the peoples’ President to succeed”

The impact of the Vulnerable Grant extended beyond the realm of food vendors as well. Emmanuel Ekun, a talented shoemaker and father of seven, had always dreamed of expanding his modest shoe business. With the grant, he purchased new equipment and raw materials, enabling him to create high-quality shoes that garnered attention not only locally but across the state.

“I am thrilled, now with N20,000 I can buy a few yards of leather shoes, and with this kind gesture from our President initiative, with this also I will save more money to cater for my seven children, thanks to our able President for his magnanimity”

From the woman who moved about selling sachet water to the countless individuals whose lives were transformed, Madam Angela Imeh was full of praises for President Tinubu’s for the empowerment programme.

She said “the N20,000 Vulnerable Grant acts as a much-needed catalyst, breathing new life into small businesses and empowering entrepreneurs to reach their full potential.

“With this N20,000 I will get more bags of pure water and make more profit from it, I think I can now start saving, I think the President deserves our support to enable him to succeed”

As President Tinubu continues to drive his transformative agenda, Nigeria witnesses the remarkable resilience and entrepreneurial spirit of its citizens. This grant, no matter how small it may seem, has sparked hope, instilled confidence, and created countless success stories. It signifies a brighter future for small business owners and serves as a testament to the power of inclusive initiatives that uplift the masses.

In the face of hardship, President Tinubu’s visionary approach has not only infused hope into the lives of Nigerians but has also ignited a transformational journey that will shape the destiny of the nation.


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