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Nigeria Has No Direction, 2023 Is A Make or Mar, Governor Udom Emmanuel

Mr Udom Emmanuel

By Andy Esiet, Calabar

The Governor of Akwa Ibom state, Mr Udom Emmanuel has declared that today Nigeria has no direction and
2023 will decide whether Nigeria wants to go forward as a nation  or not.

Emmanuel who was in Calabar on Tuesday to consult with delegates and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) members members on his presidential aspiration said Nigeria as a country is in a terrible state of comatose and it needs a person like him to “rescue and restore”.

He said, “today we must all rise and restore  Nigeria as everything is gone and “the only Industry is the extractive industry and any country waiting for monthly  allocation is a finished country.

“If God must rescue Nigeria God must use a man and that man is Udom Emmanuel and I offer myself to rescue Nigeria and we must  rescue and restore”.

Emmanuel who was accompanied by his Campaign Director General and former governor of Benue state, Senator Gabriel Suswan, former Nigeria Ambassador to Russia, Chief Assam Assam SAN, Cross River National Assembly Caucus Chairman, Senator Gershom Bassey and others said “before now when the PDP was in power the exchange rate of the Naira was N186 to a dollar but now it is over N500 and unemployment rate rate is high as Nigeria is now a country graduates are gate men“.

He said any country that must revamp it’s economy and grow must have national carrier like Ethiopia connecting everywhere yet Nigeria can not boast of one aero plane.

As a state, Emmanuel said, Akwa Ibom has one of the biggest and best aeroplane hanger in Africa for the maintenance of aero planes and it is 75 percent ready and same thing with the smart terminal building one of best in Africa will be commissioned this year.

He further flaunted his achievements to include the digitalise flour mill, the best syringe company in Nigeria to check the import of over six billion syringes Nigeria imports every year and “Nigeria needs a leader to do all these and much more”.

Emmanuel decried the poor security situation in Nigeria saying, “we need sincerity to tackle it…our foreign policy today is completely dead. What stops us from drafting a policy that people will respect our currency? Lest us aspire to inspire the young ones…How can payment of salary be counted as the the dividend of democracy. Nigeria needs that President that can take us out of the wood and I have succeeded in the private sector, public sector so give me Nigeria I will restore”.

Senator Gabriel sis Suswan while introducing Emmanuel said,  “current government hs failed woefully and at 
this stage we need a man who can turn the country around. Now we go to private sector to borrow. We need somebody who knows the difference between money and cash and that person is Udom Emmanuel ” .

He stated that for the country to move forward,  “we must move away from primordial sentiment as with such sentiment the country has been run aground” .

Former governor of Cross River state, Senator Liyel Imoke said “fom your presentation no one will doubt your capability. In Cross River we do not have faction we have one family and we thank you for the support given to us when we needed it” .

The PDP State Chairman, Mr. Venatius Ikem commended Governor Emmanuel for his achievements coming to their rescue when it was needed most and pleaded with him to add Cross River in his budget. 


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