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Elder Statesman Condemns Protest Against Amendment Of Traditional Rulers Act, Sues For Peace 


The Oku Ibom and President General, Supreme Council of Akwa Ibom Traditional Rulers, Akwa Edidem Solomon Etuk.

Disturbed by the unnecessary protests over the recent amendment of Akwa Ibom State Traditional Rulers Council edict, and elder statesman Otuekong Sunny Jackson Udoh a renowned industrialist, has called for truce.

Chatting with some newsmen in Uyo on Tuesday, he said that those involved do not wish the new government of Governor Umo Eno well. 

Udoh who was a Frontline sponsor of the agitation for the creation of Akwa Ibom State since 1981 said that the people have always been united and speak with one voice despite their differences.

“This is not the time for the unity of Akwa Ibom to be undermined especially with the present governor’s determination to engender development of the state economy and does need any distraction at this time.” 

The one time member of the Cross River State House of Assembly during the second republic used the opportunity to applaud, Akwa Edidem Solomon Etuk, the Oku Ibom whose recognition as President General of the Supreme Council of Akwa Ibom Traditional Rulers was confirmed by the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly last month. 

Udoh,  believes that the highly respected Edidem has the capacity and discipline to lead his people as well as performing the traditional responsibilities. 

He said, “I must confess that I have known Edidem Solomon Etuk for a long time. He is a leader with the right qualities and integrity, he is so humble and respected. He is reverend among the traditional rulers in the country . “

The community leader and former Chairman, Champion Breweries  Limited added that, “in spite of all the sponsored protests against the monarch, Akwa Edidem Etuk is not interested in confronting anybody, but always called for peaceful resolution when there is any disagreement in the community. This is the kind of leader we have been yearning for all these days.” 

Udoh further opined that his State Governor, Pastor Umo Eno should be supported especially seeing his commitment to development and drive for good governance.

The Adaha Ibibio commended Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly and it’s Speaker, Mr Udeme Otong for resisting pressure from politicians to strengthen the traditional rulers law and their plot to disparage the hallowed Chamber. 

“If we fail to preserve our history and culture like other people we shall always regret. The decision taken by the House of Assembly to amend the chieftaincy law is nothing short of our  expectation as it would stem further crises in the traditional rulers council.  

“We are one indivisible people with a rich culture and history worth preserving for the generation yet unborn.” “Our sacred weapon is our homo genius culture and language. This is why we should join hands together to build a state than creating problem where there is none”, he said.


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