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Edu’s List of Fake Assets: When Will Children Of Hate Get Tired Of Mischief?


Dr. Betta Edu

This is a boom time for writers of fortune. They are making a fortune from their sponsors cooking up infantile pieces of nauseating lies about the suspended Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Betta Edu.

Of recent, some journalists of fortune and hack writers mostly operating through quacks online platforms and writing with pseudonym names, have relentlessly churned out an avalanche of insipid, often poorly scripted lies against her.

They have been dissipating energies trying to manufacture and pin on her alleged fraud charges, all to impeach her character and destroy her image.

The question is; When will these children of hate get tired of trying to pull down an innocent young lady whose only offense was bringing to bear on her job, unprecedented passion, devotion, dexterity, and energy?

Again, the children of hate are at it. Operating under a fake social media platform, “EFCC Liberty TV”, in their latest albeit futile attempt to bring down Dr. Edu, they have, childishly and laughably, come out with a list of assets, including houses, jewelry, cash, etc which they claim she acquired just within four months of assumption of office as Minister.

How imbecilic and thoughtless can a bunch of hired goons and mischief-makers be?

In compiling their satanic list, it probably never occurred to these illiterates that it’s practically impossible for a lady as young as Dr. Edu and a Minister of the Federal Republic suprientdenting a Ministry as sensitive as Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, to acquire such eye-popping assets just within four months without being sniffed out even without EFCC’s investigation.

Too bad for the mercantile writers; they have misfired and their sponsors should demand a refund of the money paid to them to destroy Dr. Edu by publishing the non-existing assets.

Not only that the so-called assets which in any case are phantom assets, are not owned by Edu nor belong to her, Dr. Edu’s Code of Coduct Bureau Form is available in the EFCC and the anti-graft agency did not find in the list, any of the alleged assets listed by the agents of darkness as belonging to her or in her possession.

Again, when will children of hate and naysayers be tired of their futile effort to destroy Dr. Edu?

One thing is clear, however; It is theirs to stumble and fall and it’s Dr. Edu’s to triumph and continue to soar higher and higher to their consternation.

Ed’u’s Media Team


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