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CRSG To Revive Golf As Tourist Attraction


BY Ita Williams, Calabar

In a bid to attract both national, international visitors and investors to the state, Governor Bassey Otu of Cross River State has expressed his commitment to reviving golf as one of the prestigious sports in the State.

During a courtesy visit by a delegation from the Calabar Golf Club members to the governor in his temporary office on Friday, the Governor underscored the historical essence of golf in Nigeria, which began in the ancient city of Calabar.

He stated, “A lot of the things that started here had been taken away from us. What we are doing now is a battle to not just reclaim, but put ourselves back into the equation because the modalities and advancement have actually left us behind. But like they say, it is better late than never.”

Governor Otu assured the delegation of his administration’s support in maintaining the golf course and expressed his willingness to cooperate with relevant MDAs in developing a blueprint with golf stakeholders to revive the sport in the state.

He acknowledged the challenges faced by Cross River State, stating, “No gainsaying, we have lost a lot of ground, but we can still catch up. The development happening in Calabar now is just a tip of the iceberg”

The Governor emphasized that the time for politics is gone, and the focus now is on delivering the dividends of democracy to the people of Cross River.

Governor Otu promised transparency and diligence in the application of resources, stating that there will be no segregation, nepotism, or favoritism. The administration aims to increase productivity to a level that yields results and ensure that at the end of their term, the state will have a notable economy.

The Governor urged all Cross Riverians to work together, regardless of political affiliation, to achieve these results and leave a legacy for the next generation.

During the visit, Major General Ahmed Sabo (rtd), the Captain of the Calabar Golf Club, congratulated Governor Otu on his recent Supreme Court victory and commended his administration’s impact in the state within a year.

He underlined golf as a major tourist attraction and expressed disappointment in the lack of government interest in the sport. The club pledged its support to the Otu-led administration’s commitment to repositioning the state for the better.

As a gesture of goodwill, the club’s captain presented the Governor with golfing kits.The revival of golf in Cross River State is expected to have significant benefits for the state’s tourism industry.

Golf is a popular sport among tourists, and hosting quality tournaments can attract both national and international visitors.

With the government’s interest and support, the sport can help generate revenue and create job opportunities in the state.

The revival of golf aligns with the state’s vision of becoming a leading destination for sports tourism.

Cross River State has already made strides in hosting major sporting events, such as the Calabar Carnival and the Cross River State Youth Games.

By investing in golf, the state can diversify its tourism offerings and enhance its reputation as a sports tourism hub.

The Calabar Golf Club plays a crucial role in the revival of golf in the state. As the oldest golf club in Nigeria and the place where golf began in the country, the club has a rich history and can attract golf enthusiasts from across the country and beyond.

With the support of the state government, the club can upgrade its facilities, organize quality tournaments, and provide training and development opportunities for aspiring golfers.

The commitment of Governor Bassey Otu to reviving golf in Cross River State is commendable. By recognizing the potential of the sport as a tourist attraction and promising support, the Governor is taking a step in the right direction.

With the cooperation of relevant MDAs and golf stakeholders, the state can develop a comprehensive plan to revive the sport and fully leverage its benefits. As the Governor stated,

“We owe our people the responsibility to deliver in a way that the next generation would have something to inherit and also move society forward.” Gov. Otu promised.

By investing in golf, Cross River State is paving the way for a brighter future.


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