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Boat Mishap:  NiMSA Two Males, One Female Bodies Recovered


Wevole Ezin, Calabar 

Cross River State Police Commissioner, Gyogon Augustine Grimah at the Marina Resort in Calabar after receiving the bodies of the boat mishap victims

The bodies of the three missing Nigeria Medical Students after a boat mishap at the Marina Resort on Saturday in Calabar have been recovered.

The sad incident occurred when some students went for a boat cruise being part of activities to mark the Annual Health Week program of the Nigeria Medical Students Association (NiMSA) hosted by Cross River chapter.

The Cross River State Police Commissioner, Gyogon Augustine Grimah while briefing the Press at the resort yesterday said it took the effort of the locals and the Marine Police to recover the bodies after floating at the early hours of Monday.

He said the bodies of two males and one female was recovered after three days of rescued effort from both the locals and the Marine Police stationed at the resort waterways.

“We are all aware of the sad incident that was recorded on Saturday about three days ago around 3pm , at the Marina Resort here in Calabar where a boat capsized. Three Students were missing and we have not rested since that day, it had been rescued effort day and night and this morning we are here to let you know that the three bodies have been recovered.

“These are the locals, they did a very marvelous job and they have just delivered the three bodies to us. When the bodies were sited, our marine police rose to the scene, with efforts from both sides, the bodies have been recovered.

On keeping the waterways safe to avoid such incident from happening again, Grimah said, ” I will have to excuse myself from that now because it will depend hundred percent on the policies of the new government and his Excellency (Senator Bassey Otu) is not sleeping on that. He is already taking some actions, you can see, the Marina Resort was shot down and that is to tell you that this incident is taking serious. All the measures to safeguard lives and property in this area of the economy is being addressed.” He assured.

Meanwhile, NiMSA has accused the management of Marina Resort of negligence, poor management over the boat mishap.

Speaking at the scene of the incident on Sunday, the National President of NiMSA, Ejim Egba said, ” This ugly, avoidable and extremely traumatizing incident causing so much anguish to the medical students community nation wide was as a result of negligence, incompetence and the lackadaisical attitude of the crew members and the management of Marina resort.

“Factors that contributed to this occurrence include: leaky boat, poor condition and integrity of the vests, poorly maintained engines resulting in the engine going off during the trip, fuel finishing before they got back to shore, little or no supervision by management, poor regulation and monitoring.

“The first set of student tourists had a safe landing though some concerns were raised of which they were assured of safety and competent expertise. The second set of 13 student tourists, one driver and a decant boarded and they took off.

“The driver of the first set handed over to another driver while he said he was going to get fuel. Not long after take off, the engine went off, water started entering the boat in an uncontrollably rapid speed and amount. At this point, the boat started sinking and finally capsized.”

The state Governor, however has ordered indefinite suspension of activities involving boat cruising at the resort until further notice.


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