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Gov Election: One Shot Dead In Ogoja This Morning As Cross River Witnessed Low Voters Turn Out


Andy Esiet,, Calabar

In early election situation in Cross River, a top All Progressives Congress (APC) supporter was this morning short dead by one of the soldiers providing security at a polling centre in Ogoja, Northern Senatorial district of the state. 

An eye witness account said the deceased whose name was given as Joe is a popular bike rider in Calabar and was at the polling centre in Ogoja causing tension in a rowdy manner insisting that this time APC must win in Ogoja.

The eyewitness said that as the tension and rowdy situation persisted, a soldier pulled out his gun and shot him dead causing panic and tension to rise in the area. 

However generally election materials arrived on time in most areas and at most polling centres in Calabar as voting started at about 8am especially in most areas of the state and the BIVAS machines functioned well.

There was heavy police and soldiers’ presence in the state but turnout was very poor as people are not happy that their votes did not count in last election in most areas. 

Four out of the five damaged vehicles

At the road leading to Akpabuyo and Bakassi many were stranded as  fierce looking security blocked Atimbo Bridge as early 4.am this morning against vehicular movement depriving  many access to Akpabuyo. It is feared that many voters may be stranded  and may not be able  to perform their civic duties.

Some INEC officials and accredited Journalists and persons involved in the conduct of the governorship and house of Assembly elections were made to park their vehicles  and trek long distances to avoid missing out on their assignment The officers said the order to block the bridge was from above.

On Friday evening, there was a violent situation in Okoyong community of Odukpani council Local Government Area as five vehicles in the convoy of a PDP stalwart were destroyed. Four of the vehicles were completely burnt while the Toyota Prado was vandalized. However, all the occupants of the vehicles escaped alive.

Commenting on the burning of some vehicles at Okoyong, the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Bassey Otu in an interview with some newsmen today in his country home in Odukpani council condemned the violent action saying, “For me, I believe that election should not come with destruction, I believe that election should be very peaceful.

“If you look at the whole of this area, the orderliness is something that we are shocked in that event that took place. I want to believe that it is under investigation and they will know exactly what to do. So I will not say anything on that except that I condemn the act of violence” .


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