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Fake Conviction News: Another Failed Dart By Disgruntled Politicians Against Umo Eno



By Essien Ndueso

It is only people who lack a second address and have overtime lived off the common patrimony of the people that will engage in desperate measures and antics to maneuver themselves into political power. If they had made use of the opportunities they found themselves to create business hubs and become major entrepreneurs, then politics would have not been a do or die affair for them. 

Because the rejected political merchants have come to realize that the Umo Eno movement is unstoppable as it continues to gain massive support from all Akwa Ibom people, they now believe that the only solution is to concoct a flimsy, lousy, fable tale that smacks nothing short of mischief and political frustration against the State PDP Governorship Candidate. 

What level of frustration could drive a politician to sponsor a false news that a Chief Magistrate Court in Wuse 5 has issued a warrant of arrest on the Akwa Ibom State PDP governorship candidate? What gratification do such political jobbers derive in unleashing lazy attack dogs on the social media to celebrate that Senator Bassey Albert of the YPP is by this development not the only convict standing election? 

Do these not depict that the pretenders have possibly sold their brains to the devil?

It is common knowledge that the courts in Nigeria had embarked on the Yuletide break and this prompted the setting up of special vacation courts to look into urgent pre-election matters. How then did the Chief Magistrate court in Abuja sit over the governorship candidate of the PDP on the 23rd of December 2022?

Who is the fictitious Edet Godwin Etim who took the case to court, and how did the PDP Governorship candidate cheat him to warrant the “conviction”. Can someone be tried and convicted without his charges being read to him?

If a federal high court in Lagos lacked jurisdictional power to convict Senator Bassey Albert for a crime committed in Uyo, which constitution did the Abuja Magistrate Court derive its power to ‘convict’ a party’s candidate who resides in Akwa Ibom?

Since 23rd December, 2022, Pastor Umo Eno has been going on campaigns across the State, and this conviction warrant has not been effected. Is it going to be effected after his full tenure in 2031?

The truth is that the chickens have come home to roost, and having lost it all they are looking for dead straws to grab and clutch to avoid drowning. It is their stock in trade, to smear the image of those who have sent them on political retirements. From the obvious look of things, the PDP governorship candidate is focused on the ball. His campaigns is scheduled today for Ika local government area. And it appears no amount of hate speech and cooked up lies will distract a man whose acceptability and towering profile sends shivers down the spines of political opponents. 

If they spend as much time in campaigning for support from the electorate, if they spend as much energy in courts to appeal and clear their names of their fraud cases, if they even have the love to impact on the lives of those they seek to lead by creating sources of livelihoods, I doubt if the merchants of this falsehood would have had time to manufacture and sell lies about a man whose only offense is that he defeated them in a transparent, free and fair party primaries.

Ndueso is a Journalist and Special Assistant to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Media, writes from Uyo


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